We build together!

The association has come about because the suffering already exists. For good reasons and because it must be. We close together, for the sake of efficiency. For this is how we are one, in the struggle of the wrong justification. We will build until every human being in the world succeeds, with his passion, to live life. Our philosophy is as follows.

There are people who are bricklayers, born with love for cooking, dancers however born to be an actor. Slaves who would be lawyers. In our opinion, no one will be wanting to build our system of communion. Only we want to promote the development of the individual in their own interest and not for profit. Drawers have been created for things, not for the sake of creativity. People can not and should not be drafted. They should not be provided with price tags or used as an object. For no interest of this world should even one soul suffer. Because there is no price tag for souls. Money is a form of energy and not the salvation of this world. Not the enemy of the individual and not the power of the other.

We build out of love, help where need not, hate hatred with embrace and do not let us go astray. We have no enemies, and are not friends, because of a common enemy. We build without expectation, not for money, not for our own ego.

But because we see in our steps a greater fulfillment of humanity.