StreetMindz. The social network of the art and culture


The forum from, with and for artists and fans, producers and suppliers as well as simply for art eager people.
The place to document online the activities outdoors on the street to put questions to give infos and news and to divide in general knowledge.
The possibility, artist by Merchandise, poster, fan article and a more active management to promotes.
The presence of the original art & culture which differs from the mass-media famed Bling Bling current and their pop-culturally established inclination to the Dstruktion.

Between the initial idea for Street Mindz as a new social network of the hip-hop culture and the today’s state of our online presence lie more than 15 years of hard work.
For the greatest possible independency with the construction of the network extensive knowledge had to be appropriated. There were test phases of different online systems, from 2005 advertisement could be already pursued by means of Mund-zu-Mund-Propaganda. Today the first members are registered. We manage artist and expel Merchandise. Portraits are planned by active, by fans, from enthusiasts, but also by organizers and organizers.
This community should be developed steadily and be extended, among the rest, also by documentations and other features.
All our activists and employees come from the art sphere. They order of knowledge and experiences in the videoproduction and audioproduction, in event doctorate, kind, web, event management as well as of far-reaching knowledge to the art, her past, origin and her future prospects.
Together we want to realise new projects, we want a little bit changed from which some maybe think, it cannot be changed.

change is a must the way we kind

Zlatko Jankovski


“the professional artits incubator”