Imagination is more important than knowledge, because knowledge is limited. (Albert Einstein)

The forum by, with and for artists and fans, producers and suppliers as well as simply for art enthusiasts. The place to document online activities out on the street, ask questions, provide information and news, and share knowledge in general. The opportunity to promote artists through merchandising, posters and more active management. The presence of the original idea of culture, which differs from the mass-mediated bling-bling current and its criminal tendency based on pop culture.  

There are over ten years of hard work between the first idea of Street Mindz as a new social network for artists and the current state of our online presence. In orde</span>r to achieve the greatest possible autonomy in the network, extensive knowledge had to be acquired. Various online systems were tested in phases, and since 2005 word-of-mouth advertising has been possible. Now the site is finally online and the next steps will follow.

The first members are registered today. We manage artists and sell merchandise. Portraits of active people, fans and enthusiasts, but also organizers and organizers are planned. This community is to be constantly expanded and expanded, including through documentation and other features.

All of our activists and employees come from the arts. They have knowledge and experience in video and audio production, in event promotion, art, web, event management as well as extensive knowledge of art and culture, their past, origins and future prospects. Together we want to realize new projects, change something that some might think cannot be changed.

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