Since 2000, I have been working in sales, and throughout my career, I have demonstrated a strong motivation to drive projects forward. I have worked for various companies and have achieved my highest successes by quickly generating monthly revenues of up to 150,000 thousand through new customer acquisition.

While the products were important, my primary focus was always on the challenge of executing tasks at the highest level possible and ensuring that all parties involved benefit from a win-win situation.


sales Executive

Fidelium Partners AG

  • Cold Calls
  • Up Sales
  • Consulting

Web Design & Development


StreetMindz.com “the professional artist incubator”

  • website
  • business plan / canvas
  • idea

Sales Executive

Swisstengrow AG, Sharewood AG, XBF GmbH, AfG AG, Prime Forestry Group AG, Equity Cap,

  • Cold Calls
  • Up Sales
  • to 150’000 CHF / Month