I started my education in primary school in Macedonia, where I completed grades 1 to 3. At the same time, I began my acting training at the City Theater in Prilep, while pursuing my hobby of breakdancing in the early 1990s. I moved to Switzerland with my family as a family reunification in grade 4, and quickly learned both German and Swiss German.

I completed my primary education in 1996-1997 with French and English as elective subjects. I began training as a chef but soon realized that cooking at home was different from working in a professional kitchen. Therefore, I ended my apprenticeship early and devoted myself to breakdancing. I took on various jobs such as poster hanger, kitchen assistant, construction worker, and others to make a living.

In 1999, I became interested in sales and quickly learned how the business worked, constantly improving myself. In 2001, I entered the financial industry, where I felt very comfortable and felt like I could make a bigger impact. I continued to educate myself and learned how to use computers. Within a short period, I was able to assemble and install my own computer.

In 2005, I passed the day trading school with a trading diploma from a private school, which allowed me to better understand the economy. This led me to join a company that offered TEAK PLANTATIONS as an investment opportunity. The business was doing well, but unfortunately, the company was closed down by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (EBK Schweiz), and I lost my job.


Web Development

Udemy - Online University

  • javaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • visualStudioCode
  • GitHub
  • bootstrap 5

Udemy - Courses

  • Social Media Selling System
  • 21 Critical Lessons for Entrepreneurs
  • Introduction to Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam
  • How to Upgrade Your Sales Skills And Boost Your Income
  • How to Upgrade Your Sales Skills And Boost Your Income
  • WordPress 101 Course
  • Band as Business, Musician as Entrepreneur
  • Introduction to Facebook Pages for Businesses and Orgs

Digital Design

Self Education

  • adobe CS
  • finalCut



Self Education

  • WooCommerce
  • Buddypress
  • Learndash
  • Setting up a whole Social network similar to Facebook, Linkedin, and so on