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CEO of StreetMindz

Innovation in the heart

Dear friend, brother, sister, As the Mayans were saying: you are, another me. I would like to give you these greetings. I pursue my treasures so that people do not forget to pursue theirs. One step for me with the hope that it would be a great one for mankind. Everyone who reads this, has already done a step, because the faith and the hope exists for the coming. I would like to thank you, that we have met when it is only through this site. I wish all of us a glorious future in which our suffering changes in joy. In which the meaning of every straw comes to the fore.
My wishes for you are infinite.

Thank you

I specialize in the digitization and automation of private and business processes. As an individual who has already worked in most industries, I can gain insight and processes to improve the native or, if necessary, create new ones.




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