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Mc @ RA

“XP stands for many one third of the Rhyme Addicts(RA), XP brings eXPerience to the equation. Being eXPosed to the reality of the LA streets since youth, XP draws inspiration from the lows and highs of life, using Hip Hop to eXPress and eXPel his thoughts and emotions. After years of eXPerimentation on the stage and in the studio, XP has developed a sharp, passionate, and eXPlosive presence on the mic. In 2009, Rhyme Addicts, in colaboration with producers “State of the Art”, completed the street album “Showtime”. The album eXPloited the collectives talent as hardcore emcees, gaining them a buzz in the LA underground Hip Hop scene. Shortly after, RA teamed up with Infamous Mobb to form IM3 West, Infamous Mobb’s West Coast eXPansion team. In 2010, XP released a series of Mixtapes titled “The Building Blox Mixtapes” You can eXPect to hear nothing but that Raw, eXPlicit, reality rap on any volume. A creator of all things, XP founded the salamander OG ( spiritually blessed medicinal plant in) (2014) His recent work includes his album”Godspeed” (2018) Currently working on new material such as “Nomads” expected to release 2019 and much more.. “He is always pushing boundaries…stay tuned.”