the golden one in the golden cage by Zlatko Jankovski “theproartinc”


You want to trust at all costs, but you don’t trust the world for any price. You want to help, but you think you can not. This is how decades pass in which we wait. Yes, we expect that the future positive result from us, without our actions will already be there.

At the beginning you didn’t see it, too many miracles happened to make you really worry about your origin. So you let the years pass like from here. Take your time to find who you really are. All you missed is the fact that you are in a cage. Moving back and forth every day. However, never extend the limit so far that you could even guess where you really are.

The reality comes when they look ice cold in your eyes, the lips pursed to a cheeky smile, as if she was just getting the Harvard diploma after this act. What world do we live in when we visibly trample others.

You won’t let you out and any hope that one day you’ll be allowed to play yourself in a film world in which everyone plays the main role. We quickly forget each other, is that good or bad? I don`t know.

Lately I’ve been thinking about the word integration. In fact, everything I’ve ever done here I’ve learned here.

Not that anyone thinks I’m criminal, no, far from it. My criminal record extract is free, at least until now. I may be notified for my attempt to become self-employed. This is this golden cage, and I don’t really care if it still has diamonds.

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