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About me

Zlatko Jankovski

Creator of the pro art inc

I created this platform to create opportunities. The goal is to support the art and artists in every conceivable form and realize a first chance for you without large investments. With various tools, StreetMindz becomes something like the all-rounder among networks.

Born in Bitola Macedonia, Zlatko got to know and love the world of stages very early on through his uncle (director at the Prilep City Theater). So when he was 6 he started to learn acting in the city theater. At the same time, the Romas kids started to imitate Michael Jackson’s footsteps, again no one has to push Zlatko to join in. It was love at first step. At 9, Zlatko went to Switzerland and another career started. Connected and through art and sport, Zlatko quickly got closer to language and identity / customs and accepted them as his own, respected them and really learned to love them. The people here are a challenge and make everyone who lives here a survivor. And yet life in the most beautiful place on earth is really beautiful. The difficulties are channeled by Zlatko for the creation of this network and have been perfected over the years.


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