StreetMindz AG is a company dedicated to supporting artists. We explore innovative ways to support the arts and put those ideas into action. Our goal is to help artists achieve their full potential and share their art with the world. We are proud to be a platform for artists and help them realize their dreams.

The StreetMindz AG aims to enable the realization of promising entertainment such as musicals, theater, shows, as well as film and television projects, and to secure the necessary copyrights by investing risk capital in financially promising productions and rights.

“Through long-term networking in the field of cultural professionals and their institutions, StreetMindz AG is able to invest in quality-related, investible projects that attract a wide range of public interest.”

“What makes us human is the ability to imagine the future. We use this ability every day, often without thinking about it. We make plans for something that will happen in a few days, weeks, or years. This allows us to more or less accurately guess how the immediate, near future will look. Our quality of life in the here and now is significantly increased by being able to distract ourselves from problems and fears of the future and not just finding space for end-time scenarios in our heads. We can achieve this, for example, by reading, watching movies, or watching shows of all kinds that can take us out of reality for a few hours and give us a lot of energy for the everyday challenges we face. The StreetMindz AG can also invest in the creative production process of a new stage work by obtaining a share of the copyrights in return.”

“The StreetMindz AG can secure the rights (unlimited in time and territory) through a contract. By targeting investments in good projects, the StreetMindz AG can achieve a high return. By simultaneously investing in various projects, any potential failure can be caught and the risk to investors can be reduced. Through long-term networking in the field of cultural professionals, the StreetMindz AG can also identify promising projects at an early stage and accompany them from the initial idea to the successful implementation.”

“8 questions 8 answers”

1. What does StreetMindz AG do?

“StreetMindz AG is a financial institution that provides risk capital exclusively for cultural projects for financially promising productions in order to participate in their profit and loss in relation to the investment.”

2.How is StreetMindz AG organized?

“StreetMindz AG is a lean company with low costs through efficient cost management. A board of three to five members from culture, business, and sports is a permanent part of StreetMindz AG. Together with the board of directors, it selects the submitted productions according to the developed corporate vision that will be realized.”

3. What is the exact market potential for StreetMindz AG?

“The German-speaking event market is the largest ticket sales market in Europe. The revenue of this industrial market is 27 billion EUR (CHF 42 billion) per year (figures from 2006). StreetMindz AG wants to operate on this market through targeted investments and thus generate a profitable return for its shareholders.”

4. Why does StreetMindz AG think it can hold its own on this market?

StreetMindz AG has a close network of relationships with the most productive cultural producers, organizers of musicals and cultural institutions, who hold various titles for productions with various publishers for theater rights. These portfolios at a national and international market level consist of musical shows, sports events, and copyrights.

5. Who invests in StreetMindz AG?

Culturally interested investors who are also looking for a professional platform in the field of cultural investment that makes lucrative investments with capital.

6. What does StreetMindz AG offer shareholders?

“The goal is to generate regular distributions of returns on individual smaller and larger productions, whose financing is realized and produced by kultinvest over periods of a few months to a maximum of 5 years. The shareholders will benefit from price reductions for these events.”

7. What instruments does StreetMindz AG use to secure its investments with cultural producers?”

StreetMindz works with individual cultural producers to develop a business plan and is involved in the individual productions through its participation in risk capital, with a 10-30% share in the generated profit. The board and the board of directors therefore select organizers and producers who are capable of achieving breakeven with an utilization rate of 50-70% through efficient, lean cost and personnel management. In addition to accounting, which can always be carried out by the producer himself or by a revision office commissioned by kultinvest, additional rights can also be demanded to secure the interests of kultinvest with the producer in a manner similar to a pledge. Depending on the production, this security can be realized through rights to license sales, merchandising, tours, as well as television or other transmission rights.

8. What qualities does StreetMindz AG require from applicants who apply as investment partners?

“The cultural productions must be of interest to a broad audience nationally and internationally. Producers, organizers must have been professionally successful in this business for at least 5 years. They must accept that the framework conditions presented by StreetMindz AG are adhered to and implemented and be able to provide the desired security.”auf ein breit ausgelegtes Interessestossen. Produzenten, Veranstalter müssen mindestens5 Jahre professionell in diesem Businesserfolgreich tätig sein. Sie müssen akzeptieren, dassdie von kultinvest ag vorgelegten Rahmenbedingungeneingehalten und umgesetzt werden und fähigsein, die gewünschten Sicherheiten zu leisten.

9. Why is StreetMindz AG needed?

With StreetMindz AG, a unique platform for investments in future-oriented cultural productions that can establish themselves long-term in a market that is reorienting itself is created. StreetMIndz AG serves as a competent intermediary for potential successful productions that are intended to be equally embedded in general culture, such as “Cats” or “Flying Bach.