From the street to OLYMPIA

BREAKING, also known as breakdancing, has made it. The beginnings are not so long ago and yet already history. Breaking originated on the street and will be an official Olympic sport in 2024. ‘StreetMindz Art WEA®’ develops the equipment specifically for this. Our vision: create intelligent sports equipment!


Zlatko Jankovski was born in 1981 in Macedonia. At the age of 6, he began acting and breakdancing. Initially, it was just a pastime, but quickly developed into the love of his life. Breaking allowed him to live out and escape the enjoyment of physical control and a carefree life. Through breaking, he formed friendships that have lasted to this day. Today, Zlatko has been working at for over 20 years, a network for artists and the related ideas such as SMart Wear (StreetMindz Art Wear).

Zlatko Jankovski


The Breaking community calls a spin on the head around one’s own axis “Headspin”. Today there are people who can already spin 200 rounds of Headspin without pause. There is the “OneShot,” where we aim to reach as many rounds as possible with a single push of the hands, and the normal Headspin, where we push as much as possible to generate the head spin. Initially, the caps were made from available materials and helmets from the skater scene were also frequently used. Over the years, the caps have gotten better. We’ve thought about protection, style, comfort, ground texture, and speed. The behavior of the materials on different surfaces is naturally different in terms of wear and tear, comfort, and performance. Our research does not end at the current version but already goes further and holds many surprises that we would like to realize in the near future.


In Switzerland, Angi, in a very professional way, produced the first cap that truly went around the world. She considered all the challenges and aspects. For example, the cap had a pocket for the interchangeable protection and a strap for fastening. It was produced to the highest standard.

Angela Osterwalde

Angi enriched the scene through her actions, allowed dancers to have free spaces, and thus created a home, or better expressed, a temple of dance art. She is also the biggest inspiration for Zlatko and his product development. Without Angi, Zlatko, due to an unbalanced and tumultuous life, would not have been able to afford this cap and the time it takes to produce it in Switzerland due to the high standard and financial pressure on society. Angi’s consistent way of life is still a model for Zlatko and should be for many others. She has currently taken a different path and successfully completed the Master in Fine Arts at the Zurich University of the Arts. Nevertheless, she is still a great support for Zlatko in all matters.” Our research does not end at the current version but already goes further and holds many surprises that we would like to realize in the near future.


We already have our first product in shops and various dance schools introduced. The cap was tested by professionals and found to be very good. The costs for the production in Switzerland with its high prices are with our first Hard to wear model. That is why we are currently producing in Asia. In the near future however, we would like to be able to process production according to demand. Our goal is to produce in the country where our products are ordered.
In order to achieve this, we would like to set up a network in which the employees from the dance scene and develop products for the scene. B-Boys and FlyGirls or BGirls are currently facing challenges, however, as they do not officially do this as a profession able to exercise and dependent on a Plan B or other means of survival are.
Our vision is to make the world a better place for all dancers through our products and to help anyone who wants to help themselves. We would also like through promote an exchange, regardless of origin, financial situation or career, but solely based on the will of the individual.


“Our company’s goal is to make breaking equipment the standard in the gyms across the world to make Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Based on federal statistics, there is in the Switzerland about 6,500 gyms, in Germany there are more than 27,000 and in Austria about 8,000. We would like to supply the gyms and sports departments with our products and our equipment also sell through well-known sports shops such as Ochsner Sport, Migros, Coop and other retailers.” “Suppose we achieve our goals in the gyms of Switzerland and place 5 breaking-Equipments (breaking caps only per gym. This would be at a selling price of CHF 59 per piece results in a turnover of approx. CHF 1,917,500.
However, this estimate is for one product and one country only. Our company However, StreetMindz already has several products in our pipeline, including our SmartWea® Assortment that is already ready for production and marketing. We will in future offer other innovative products that should not be missing in the equipment of every athlete.”
“We are looking for investors who are willing to support us on our way and who same vision as we have. We are at your disposal for further information | Please contact us at the following address:
Zlatko Jankovski | Email:
Telephone: +41 76 245 65 85
Manessenstrasse 208, 8045 Zurich
We look forward to the opportunity to work with you
to work together.”

Dear Investor,

We are StreetMindz, a company focused on revolutionizing the dance industry by providing high-quality products for dancers and promoting exchange and community in the scene. Our first product, a dance cap, has received positive feedback from professionals and is currently produced in Asia to keep costs low.
However, our long-term vision is to set up a network that allows us to produce products in the country where they are ordered, providing dancers with the products they need, where they need them. We also want to help dancers make a living from their passion by developing products in collaboration with the dance community.
We believe that StreetMindz has the potential to make a real impact on the dance industry, but we need investment to bring our vision to life. With your support, we can create a better future for dancers all over the world, regardless of their origin, financial situation, or career path.
Join us in our mission to make the world a better place for dancers and invest in StreetMindz today.
Best regards, Zlatko Jankovski