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  • Strengthen equity
  • Support in further development

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  • Large international network; also in rapidly growing markets such as the BRIC countries

Business & Financeing

Necessary support for finances and projects. Switzerland and worldwide.


Artist let`s make a living of it!

StreetMindz Ag wants to enable promising entertainments and artists such as musicals, theater, shows, artists as well as film and television projects to be realized and to secure the necessary copyrights by investing risk capital in financially promising productions and rights.


Fast internet connections for everyone!

Outside the metropolitan areas of Switzerland, Germany and other European countries, many millions of households (5 million households in Germany alone) are still not provided with high-speed Internet broadband.
The large providers such as Swisscom, Deutsche Telekom, Cablecom, etc. only expand the metropolitan areas, since their technology (today mainly with fiber optic or G3 / G4 networks) cannot be used to expand the rural areas economically.

With its offer, WLN AG supplies all areas that are covered by a satellite signal, locations that are difficult to access, such as. B. in the mountains (community, hamlets, hotels, etc.) or businesses on islands in the Mediterranean.


Electrically powered agricultural vehicles!

The current global economic crisis and the enormous focus on climate change have led to unprecedented demand for electric and hybrid vehicles as well as agricultural machinery. New hybrid vehicles and machines on the market spur the development of new machines, combined with new, efficient energy converters. Breakthroughs in battery technology, power electronics and transmission technology are required for a complete changeover to this new machine generation.


Family-friendly, affordable home ownership in the rural agglomeration of Switzerland (AG, SO, BL, LU)

Owner-occupied residential property has undisputed advantages over the tenancy: the level of security is greater because it cannot be canceled, and your own home can be designed and converted according to your own needs. Today, it is less the traditional property policy reasons such as capital investment, individual wealth creation and participation in the “land and property” than the greater individual housing security and independence that speak for the acquisition of home ownership.


3 Reasons, why RawInvest?


Target Right investors

We strive to find investors for projects that do not see themselves as investors but as creators, are part of the team and actually help to shape them.


No spamming

Because we connect the right partners with each other, trust is our top priority and we work sustainably. Accordingly, we will not randomly fill your mailboxes.


Full backup

Our system is your tool, it is created to not forget to remind you of important things, all your important project contacts, files, information etc. in one place. Follow the success of the projects, coordinate online with the other investors. Changes made easy with StreetMindz and RawInvest in collaboration with AfG AG

Bring to the table
win-win survival strategies

We work systematically to integrate corporate responsibility in our core business and make our expertise available for the benefit of the societies where we operate.

We support changes from the start. Perfect for large projects, investors and creators who want to manage and connect multiple projects. With our user-friendly tool (StreetMindz.com) all parties can create together.







Twice profit than
before you ever got in business

Our system is well thought out. Our partners, selected geniuses in their segment. We know what we’re doing.

Services we provide


Funding for SMEs

Medium-sized companies form the backbone of our economy (= around 90% of all companies). Enormous growth and innovation potential lies dormant in many. Often, however, these cannot be skimmed off quickly enough due to a narrow equity base.

The finance industry is increasingly restricting the possibilities of raising debt capital for these companies by building ever higher hurdles. The corporation for business capital has developed special service packages to support medium-sized companies in the implementation of growth and / or innovation projects.

Basically, we work with companies from the German-speaking countries whose annual turnover is up to approx. EUR 100 million. However, our focus is not limited to certain industries; rather, they are looking for sustainably profitable business models with organic or external growth potential.


Growth Financing

The company has already defined its range of services and has successfully tested it in submarkets. Patents or other rights are pending and the needs of the market have been demonstrated. The market breakthrough should now be achieved and the growth phase initiated.

We create financing concepts for medium-sized companies that need capital for their expansion plans.

We also support companies that intend to achieve growth through the acquisition of competitors. The corporation for business capital has a large network of M&A consultants (Mergers & Acquisitions), which is made available to customers in order to enable the most efficient selection of relevant takeover candidates around the world. At the same time, we use our years of tried and tested experience from past projects; to provide our customers with qualitative advice on the preparation and structuring of the takeover processes.


Innovation Financing

The company has a clear idea of how it can expand its range of services through innovation and thereby achieve a growth spurt. An innovation does not necessarily mean a new product, but can also include the development of an innovative service.

We create financing concepts for medium-sized companies that need capital for innovation-driven expansion projects. One of the most important aspects of innovation management is the topic of “time to market”. That means bringing the innovation onto the market early enough (ie before the competition) without taking the risk of product immaturity. We use our good contacts to numerous innovation institutes such as Universities, designers and patent attorneys etc. In addition to the pure financing, we also bring in our expertise and years of consulting experience from past innovation projects.


Domicile Addresses in Switzerland

Offer domicile addresses in Zurich and Zug
Company domiciles with automatic mail forwarding


Actions we take


Preliminary Investigation

Medium-sized companies interested in our service send us a financing request with a brief description of their plans and the purpose of the funds required. After an initial examination, the company receives an offer from us with a flat fixed price for the creation of a financing concept.


Financing Concept

All of our financing is preceded by a thorough and detailed analysis of the company with a focus on management, processes, the range of services and the markets. Through close communication with management, we develop an understanding of the necessary conditions for sustainable financing. The value potential of the company is then defined (company valuation using the DCF method) and one or more suggestions are drawn up on a timeline to cover the company’s financing needs. This results in an investor prospectus and a success-oriented offer for the procurement of financing. In this phase, it is also important to clarify the support during and after the financing and to stipulate it contractually.



Funding is fundamentally raised on a success-based basis. The conditions are regulated by a brokerage agreement between the company and RawInvest / Aktiengesellschaft for business capital. In addition to the agreed implementation goals per period, the draft contract also includes organizational and information obligations for the company.


you got questions, let us know!

Care, Support

During and after the financing, we remain in close contact with the management through our involvement in corporate bodies. In particular, we ensure efficient development of the organization and transparent information flows in the company and to the investors, whereby the decision-making authority for the operational business lies solely with the company’s management.


you got questions, let us know!

Private placements

A private placement is the placement of equity capital (e.g. profit participation certificates, silent participations, shares, etc.) via the over-the-counter capital market to a small group of investors. Private placements have become an important source of finance for many medium-sized companies and are becoming increasingly important. The advantages of this type of capital raising are on the one hand the independence of the company from credit companies, which means that the scope and speed can be controlled. The company presents itself to investors as it has grown historically and economically and as it sees it can work most profitably in the future. The focus is not on the interests of investors – and certainly not those of the accompanying media and consultants – but clearly those of the company. On the other hand, of course, the financial scope improves through higher liquidity, equity increases, which in turn can be invested in the growth of society. Creditworthiness improves and no additional collateral has to be ordered. In many cases, private placements are also a worthwhile investment for investors, since the issue price of the shares is usually many times lower than after the period of private placement.

BRIC countries

The abbreviation BRIC stands for the first letters of the four countries: Brazil, Russia, India and China. It was coined by Goldman Sachs chief economist Jim O’Neill, who used it in a number of publications.

Brazil: Raw material supplier and great agricultural potential for soft (for example orange juice) and hard (for example iron ore) commodities (English commodity / raw materials)

Russia: considerable stocks of oil and especially natural gas, many industrial facilities from the Soviet era

India: “think tank” (software products including from Bangalore) and largest generics manufacturer in the world, beginning industrialization

China People’s Republic of China: “Workbench of the world”, more and more innovations, low wages and huge domestic consumption (approx. 800 million potential buyers)

DCF (Discounted Cash Flow)

Discounted cash flow (DCF) describes methods for determining value, in particular for company valuation and for determining the market value of real estate. It builds on the mathematical concept of discounting cash flows to determine the capital value.
The DCF procedures are based on the future payment surpluses (also cash flow, cash flow) determined within the framework of a corporate planning and discount these with the help of capital costs on the valuation date. Taxes to be paid (e.g. corporation tax or income tax) are included in the assessment. The present value or capital value determined in this way is the discounted cash flow. Typically, future payment surpluses are divided into two phases: the first phase lasts for 5-15 years, in the second phase either a separate residual value to be determined or a perpetual annuity is assumed. In practice, the cost of capital is very often determined using a capital market model (CAPM). The financing effect resulting from tax deductibility is shown differently in the different DCF procedures.

There are basically three problems with a DCF process: Determining the estimates for future periodic cash flows. The inclusion of taxes (corporation tax or income tax). The determination of the discount rate to be used to discount the periodic cash flows. In practice, it is often difficult to determine to what extent the assumptions of the DCF theory are fulfilled. In particular, the forecast of the cash flows and the choice of discount factors prove to be levers that could sometimes give the impression of manipulating desired results.

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