StreetMindz Breaking Cap

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StreetMindz Breaking Cap

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A tight-fitting, cozy beanie with a turn-up. High-end production for headspins and other power moves. The beanie comes with a fastening strap, so that it can be ensured that it will hold in any case and that it will remain securely in its position even with the fastest defenses. Furthermore, it is equipped with a soft pad for comfort and a less painful feeling during training.

Zlatko Jankovski has been involved with breaking since 1986. Headspins, also known as moneymoves among friends, are his specialty. After more than 20 years of experience with headspin, he has now created various materials and prototypes and examined existing ones. He has already woven fabrics himself and developed different types of caps which will soon go into production. The goal here is to realize utensils tailored to the breaking community and to deal with the various challenges.
This beanie is currently one of the best on the market. With the purchase you will enable further research on new fabrics and production.

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