I’m Zlatko Jankovski

About Me

Creation is my Passion, Get Known me

Born in Macedonia 1981, early discovered my love for art through my uncle. But let’s be factual. My experience as an artist in Prilep City Theater and as a breakdancer for over 30 years led me to create this network called StreetMindz.com "the professional artist incubator"

Practice Makes Perfect

Experienced UX/UI

good to know.

I create entire projects, from logo to features, while the client is on the platform and doing their steps.

Work Experience.

The entire project: StreetMindz.com is a creation of me. From the idea to the development, I launched this project in cooperation with various providers such as Google, Facebook, Buddyboss, WordPress Buddypress etc.


I’ve finished school and learned most of it afterwards. After business school in Switzerland, I continued my education as a designer and learned most of it through my own initiative. In September 2022 I will start an apprenticeship as a web designer to underline my existing knowledge and develop myself further in coding.

Knowledge is everything


web design

Custom software with a focus on design and user experience. Corporate websites, microsites or e-commerce solutions. Social Networking and Marketing Related Sites. Implementation of CRM systems etc.

You can get a simple WordPress page from me for as little as CHF 999



product design

Websites, print media or apps. In cooperation with various partners, you have a contact person in me.

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Whether you need a simple print brochure, flyer with a matching website or something artistically unusual. With me you have the right partner.

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extra stuff.

As a passionate breakdancer, I like to travel to friends in other countries. Cultures have always fascinated me. I see everyone as a friend.


Currently I have only visited Europe. However, I am very interested and motivated to see the world.


Since my young life started in Prilep City Theater, I really enjoy watching films. For me, the acting ability and the realistic implementation of the story are important. Documentaries and life stories, of course.


As a dancer, music is of immense importance to me. Without music, life would be like a forest without trees and plants.


For me, books are little helpers with a big impact. I enjoy reading about new technologies and business processes. Biographies are also very interesting for me