Hip Hop Zoo & Vibe Creatorz create a new Event in Co work with the Gotthard Bar Zurich @ the Langstrasse. NetWork – StreetMindz.com “the professional artist incubator”


Today hip hop is pressed in the little Gotthard Bar in Zurich.

Events emerged from the ground. There is everything for everyone today and yet hip hop culture is waiting for something recurring and small that is really about hip hop. Such an idea is taking place today and will be introduced as a premiere in the Gotthard Bar. Sunntig ZHypher is the name that brings rap and dance closer together, according to the organizer. We know hip-hop on the whole is inseparable and so in our opinion there will be much more than just rap and dance in the room today. Nevertheless, we will leave the focus on it so that we do not overwhelm you. come over and see, raps and dance the soul out of your body. The video by the way was made by us (StreetMindz.com)

By the organizer:

The new regular Hip Hop Cypher: Every Sunday from 19: 00-23: 00 becomes gejamt in the Gotthardbar! The two elements of Rap & Dance in paragraphs together. The focus is on, good vibes, fun & hip hop. Whether with DJ, Beatmaker or BeatBoxer: for good music is happened. Minimize your ego, maximize your vibe! How could man better the Sunday? ***

Eventlink: https://streetmindz.com/events/sunntig-zhypher-by-hip-hop-zoo-vibe-creatorz-gotthard-bar-zurich/

about us: StreetMindz.com “theproartinc”

The forum, with and for artists and fans, producers and suppliers, and simply thrilled for hip-hop people. The space to document the activities outside on the street online, ask questions, give information and news, and generally share knowledge.

The opportunity to promote artists through merchandise, posters, merchandise and more active management. The presence of the original hip-hop culture, which is different from the mass media celebrated bling-flow and its pop culture-established tendency to crime.

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