• Provide different impressions
• Develop in dance and acrobatic
• Experience the history of break dancing
• Friendly and respectful dealings with one another
• Actively contribute to the further development of breakdance

Björn "Buz" Meier

Who is Buz?

Breaking - Yoga - Choreography

Björn Meier alias Buz, born in Bülach in 1973, has lived and breached in Zurich for 29 years and has successfully participated in several breakdance battles at home and abroad. He has been running his own break dance school (breakdanceschule.com) for 10 years and leads various workshops, among others. for disabled children, in child and adolescent psychiatry, in the youth prison and at various schools in Germany and abroad. As the founder of the new platform “Breakdanceshow.ch” and head of the autonomous breakdance training at the youth culture center Dynamo in Zurich, Buz is an important part of the Zurich breakdance scene.

Since 2005 he has been working as a dancer in all productions of mircompagnie.cht. From 2011 Buz also dances in the company “Breakthrough”. In 2012 he was on stage for the production “Outside the Box” of the Stlyize Compagnie, which was produced for the Zurich theater spectacle.

Since 2013 he has also worked more intensively as a choreographer, for example for X-Pat’s “Rule the World”. In the Junge Schauspielhaus Zürich he directed the movement coaching for “Remember me” and “Stones” and is responsible for the choreography of “Nothing. What is important in life”. In 2014 he choreographed a youth dance piece in Georgia with Salome Schnebeli and did 2 Place at the Battle of the Year Central Europe with the group Soul Point.

In 2014 he completed a yoga teacher training in Thailand
Vikasa Yoga in Koh Samui. 2015 A new theater as a choreographer and movement coach for the piece Green Cat in the Junge Schauspielhaus Zurich, and as a dance creator for the Project Muse Alls art and dance mediator for school and culture.

2008 Rumblekidz (400 Besucher)
2008 KJPD Kinder und Jugendpsychiatrie
2008 Kinder und Jugendheim im Bühl Wädenswil
2009 Mir Compagnie “Walking Me”, Kaserne Basel
2007 CD Release FutureShock mit DJ T-Shot
2009 Workshop GZ Altstetten
2008 Workshop Jugendtreff Regensdorf
2008 Sicher und Xund Schulhaus in Schwamendingen
2008 Uster Kirche Projekt Breakdancework

Past Shows n Specials

2007 Hip Hop Haus Battle Rotterdam – 1.Rang
2007 Ich bin besser als du, Blickfelder tanzt aus der Reihe, Zürich
2007 Production, breakin hearts, Theater Now, Steckborn
2007 Production, breakin hearts, mit der miR Compagnie, Theater Roxy Basel
2006 ich bin besser als du, Schule und Zentrum für schwerhörige Unterrentfelden
2006 ich bin besser als du, Theater la Poste, Visp
2005 Tanzzeit – Festival Theater am Gleis Winterthur
2005 – 2006 Produktion “re-load/eine Odyssee” mit der miR Compagnie, Kaserne Basel
2005 “Heidi und die Haifische” mit der miR Compagnie, 75 Jahre Ricola
2005 Kinderstück “Ich bi besser als du” mit der miR Compagnie, Rote Fabrik Zürich
1987 – 2005 Diverse Auftritte für Diskotheken, bei Hochzeiten und Firmenanlässe
2003 “Oper Odysseus” mit den “Zürcher Sing Studenten”, Kaufleuten, Zürich
1999 “Battle of the Year”, – 5. Rang
1998 Auftritt am “Theaterspektakel”, Zürich
1997 Breakdance Schweizermeisterschaft

Past Teacher Activitues

2007 Workshopleiter Projekt Klaregscht in Zürich
2006 Workshopleiter Schule und Kultur Hip-Hop unterwegs
2007 Workshop für Kinder mit Lernschwierigkeiten Wädenswil
2007 Projekt Schule Uetliberg Kinder mit Lernschwierigkeiten
2006 Kurse für Staffällige Jugendliche Winterthur
2007 Buben Tage Bassersdorf, Workshopleiter
2006 Tanzprojekt Mini miR, in Zusammenarbeit mit miR Compagnie und den Primarschulen St. Johanns / Volta
2006 Buben Tage Bassersdorf, Workshopleiter
2001 – Betreiber der Breakdanceschule im “Dynamo” Jugendkulturhaus, Zürich
1996 – Workshops für mehrere Jugendhäuser rund um Zürich
2004 Workshopleiter für “Schule und Kultur” im Projekt “Hip-Hop unterwegs”
Workshopleiter “Freestyle Tour” für “Suisse Balance” in der ganzen Schweiz
Workshopleiter in Rotterdam im “Hip Hop House” Workshopleiter für “Lernwerkstatt Bikwil”
2003 – 2004 Workshopleiter in Holland für Kinder mit Behinderungen
2003 – 2004 Workshop für mehrere Sportlehrer und deren Schülerinnen
2002 – 2004 Workshop “Anti Rassismus Tag”, Winterthur
2002 Workshop bei “blickfelder”, Theaterwochen, Zürich
1997 – 2001 Begleiter des Breakdancetraining’s im “Dynamo” Jugendkulturhaus, Zürich
2000 Workshopleiter “UBS Camp” Lausanne
1997 – 2002 Tanzlehrer für die Schule “Skillz und Drills”

Eventmanagement Past Projects

2007 Organizer Züri Fäscht, Air Battle mit Tele Züri
2004 Organizer of the “Masters Battle 2”
2000 Organizer of the “Masters Battle”
1998 – 2005 Organizer of the “Master’s Breakdance Floor” am Sonntag Nachmittag im “Dynamo”
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Breakdance Workshops

With creativity, power and rhythm: breakdancing is one of the elements of hip-hop culture. Dance, movement, acrobatics mix into a form in which each dancer expresses their own «style». “Break culture” is part of breakdance: the playful production of funk, breakbeat and hip-hop rhythms within the group. In this workshop you can learn a basic knowledge, on which you can build on the one hand and on the other hand find out whether this is your thing. You will not come out of this workshop as B-Girls or B-Boys, but will be richer by the experience that there are different ways to learn a physically demanding dance. We will teach footwork, steps, powermove and style. We want to go into the “style”, or the actual creativity in breakdancing, in a very special way.

Suitable for:

School project weeks, youth and social facilities, dance days, children and adults with disabilities or handicaps, dance schools, gymnastics lessons.


Room: gym or foyer (if possible with a slippery floor)
Equipment: comfortable clothes and sneakers. If available: trainers, wrist supports, volleyball protectors, wool hat.
Material from school: sound system, TV & video player
Direction: Angi, dancing since 1997, and Buz (see biography), dancing for 23 years. Both organize hip-hop events, break dance battles and give workshops in youth clubs, on dance days etc.

BreakdanceSchool Lessons

Monday & Thursday Cambium Zurich

Every Thursday from 6.30pm to 8pm
Monday from 6pm to 7.30pm and 7.30pm to 9pm

Wasserwerkstrasse 89 8006 Zurich (under Kornhaus Bridge)

Wednesday Tanzdach/Danceroof Dynamo Zurich

Wednesday from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Wasserwerkstrasse 21 8006 Zurich (Jugendkulturhaus Dynamo 4, floor)

BreakdanceSchool Lessons

Wednesday Bülach (Bachenbülach)

Wednesday from 1.30pm to 2.30pm
Kasernenstrasse 3D, 8184 Bachenbülach