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We are in a world full of opportunities, opportunities and personalities that do not allow anything to oppose their change, in the sign of the good.there is art we love to wear, lets make it possible for everyone to have his own
In this way, we can make a product available to every artist worldwide. Our partners enable us to use the OnDemand production method, which is only produced after receipt of the payment, the respective order. These points make it possible to produce in a sustainable manner that does not burden the environment with unnecessary processes through individual production. The future is actually just producing what is needed.


The idea of supporting someone with a product came to me early on. I always thought who would get the most money from a CHF 99.- T-shirt. I’m also a big fan of NBA jerseys, for example. So I wanted to tie a shirt to a talent so people with little money could experience the same opportunities. People have little right to access, knowledge or many other resources that are important so that we can survive in the future. A falsification can only take place if the history or today the Internet is described and written by only one type of person. It’s not bad to create networks and channel more and more. In order for a productive world to emerge, many things like this network must first be built. We can hardly predict which direction it will take later. However, we can integrate and enforce high values.