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Our Story

where we care about the next generation

Let's Change
Manage Business and Art, and let`s change how we Teach and Support the Generations.

We have one guiding
purpose - to empower people
to change the world

Our Services

We want to develop a database that is created for learning, documenting, supporting, promoting and developing at the same time. An association that works for all artists worldwide. Provides you with help for fair development through all given technologies, markets and distributions.



The incubator has its own group and forum and will be accompanied by various artists (professionals) in the future. The idea is to share knowledge. Aid is seen in the long run, the only way that does not fail.



Worldwide contacts and hotspots let young art enthusiasts quickly integrate into the desired category. It is important to catch talent in years in which they combine motivation with performance.



We design a separate collection for each NewCommer with a selection of over 70 products, production locations on all continents for good sustainability. Yes, we know what we are doing. Let us create a life out of it.


Media Marketing

Our knowledge and possibilities to strengthen the level of awareness and marketing on the Internet at the highest level guarantee success for the offspring that can be achieved on the same level with the large corporations.

Our Projects


25 Years Experience

We have accumulated a knowledge that together would reflect much more years. Let everything flow in here because the future is important to us.

Marketing business plan

Advice business plan

Consulting business plan

Latest News

So that you have a guide, we are developing a news department here, to which we will provide interviews, books, instructions and other documentation on the promotion of art

Media Marketing

Find out how important marketing is for you as an artist, entrepreneur, creator. More coming soon …

Detail Report

A tool that opens up the possibilities for you to use knowledge from different areas. Developing knowledge of the next generation from many scholars.

Finance Analysis

How important are finances as an artist? Which paths are available to us even without money? How do we help each other and much more …


Our actions should be anchored in the benefit of society forever. We want to be the people on the bright side of life and we want everyone to do the same.